Accessories that you must have for your Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s Model Y is a sleek, high-performance electric automobile. To enjoy and customise your car, you need the greatest accessories. This post will highlight Tesla Market must-have Tesla Model Y accessories in North Sydney.

Security and tinted windows

To avoid scratches and dings, protect your Tesla Model Y’s body. PPF (Paint Protection Film) films from Tesla Market keep your car looking fresh. Our Model Y films fit wonderfully.

Model Y PPF front panel

Tesla windows should be protected as well as the body. Tinted windows provide thermal insulation, privacy, and UV protection. Tesla Market offers Tesla Model Y solar films.

Storage organisers

Console Organiser

The Tesla Market centre console organiser organises your driving area and stores personal stuff. It fits neatly into the Tesla Model Y centre console and has slots for your sunglasses, phone, keys, change, and other small things.

Armrest Organiser for Tesla Model Y

Our armrest organiser organises your things, wires, pencils, and more. It fits in the Tesla Model Y’s storage compartment beneath the centre armrest and keeps the inside clean.

Car mats

Floor mats are essential for keeping your Tesla Model Y clean. Tesla Market sells Model Y-specific rubber, carpet, and velour mats. They elegantly protect the inside from dirt, spills, and damage.

A trunk mat protects your Model Y’s cargo compartment from dirt, scratches, and damage from hauling items. Our trunk mats suit Tesla trunks.

French Model Y mats Smartphone and tablet holders

Driving a Tesla Model Y requires keeping your phone or tablet close. Tesla Market makes easy-to-install smartphone and tablet mounts for various device sizes. They let you enjoy your Tesla’s functions while driving.

Wireless charging accessories

Tesla Model Y charging is crucial. Tesla Market optimises driving with charging alternatives. Our Tesla Model Y wireless chargers let you charge your phone by putting it on the stand.

Trunk organisers

To maximise storage capacity and safely carry your belongings, organise your Tesla Model Y trunk. Tesla Market sells Model Y trunk organisation accessories.

Flexible trunk organiser

Our modular trunk organiser lets you organise and protect your items with bespoke sections. It folds up rapidly and is simple to install and modify.

Trunk Protector

To prevent dirt, scratches, and damage from carried products, the Tesla Market Trunk Protector is essential. Adjustable clips put it to your Tesla Model Y.

Model Y wheel and rim accessories

Winter wheels

Tesla Market provides Model Y-specific rims, wheels, chains, and TPMS. Our wheel sets include high-quality tyres for snowy and icy conditions. Our wheels add style and performance to your Model Y.

Tyre pressure monitors

Safe and economical driving needs tyre pressure sensors (TPMS). Tesla Market supplies TPMS sensors for your Tesla Model Y to monitor tyre pressure in real time and prevent issues with inappropriate tyre pressure.

Tesla Model Y Rim Protector TPMS Pressure Sensors

Our Tesla Model Y-specific rim guards prevent scratches and bumps. These guards prevent parking and sidewalk collisions and are straightforward to install.


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