How to Keep Your Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Safe: Key Accessories for Durability

Having a Tesla Model Y or Model 3 is exciting. It has advanced technology, a stylish look, and runs on electricity. However, to maintain your Tesla in top condition and make it last a long time, you need the right Tesla accessories. Here is a helpful guide to the important accessories that will keep your Tesla protected and looking good for many years.

Strong Floor Mats and Liners

Investing in good floor mats and liners is a simple way to protect the inside of your Tesla. These items help keep dirt, mud, and spills from ruining your car’s carpets. Find options that are waterproof simple to clean, and fit well in your Tesla Model Y or Model 3. Adding these can make a big difference in rainy seasons or after trips outdoors.

Sunshades for UV Protection

The sun in Australia is strong and long exposure to UV rays can harm and fade your Tesla’s inside. Sunshades are necessary to keep your car cool and to shield your dashboard, seats, and electronics from damaging sunlight. Choose a retractable sunshade that is perfect for your Tesla offering full coverage and ease.

Protective Car Covers

Whether you park your Tesla outside or inside a garage, a car cover is essential. It protects your car from dust, debris, bird droppings, and weather. Pick a cover made of material that allows air to flow to stop moisture from building up and make sure it fits your Model Y or Model 3. This will keep your car’s paint and look in good condition.

Mud Flaps and Splash Guards

Mud flaps and splash guards are a must to keep your Tesla’s outside clean and safe from harm caused by road debris. These accessories guard the lower sections of your auto from mud, rocks, and other debris that can scratch the paint and cause corrosion over time. They are very important if you often drive on gravel roads or in areas with unpredictable weather.

Screen Protectors for Touchscreen Displays

Your Tesla’s touchscreen display is a central part of the car, and it’s essential to keep it in good shape. A screen protector can avert scratches, fingerprints, and smudges making sure your display stays clear and works well. Pick a top-quality anti-glare screen protector to better visibility and reduce eye strain when you drive.

Seat Covers to Increase Comfort and Safeguard

Seat covers help to shield your Tesla’s seats from spills, marks, and damage. They also make it more comfortable and can be taken off to clean. Search for seat covers that fit just right for your Tesla model to ensure they are easy to put on.

Trunk and Frunk Liners

Boost your Tesla’s carrying capacity while keeping spills and dirt away with trunk and frunk liners. These add-ons are made to fit the cargo spots just right and provide a grip surface that is simple to clean. They are good for carrying groceries, sporting gear, or other stuff that might spill or create a mess.

Door Sill Guards

Door sills can get marks and scratches from shoes and bags. Door sill guards offer an added level of defense to keep your car’s sills looking new. Pick guards that are strong and simple to put in to ensure they fix well and give long-lasting defense.

Anti-Glare Rearview Mirrors

Improve your driving safety and comfort with an anti-glare rearview mirror. This part lessens the glare from car lights and bright sun helping you see better behind you. It is an easy addition that can better your driving at night or in bright light.

Battery Maintenance Tools

To maintain your Tesla’s battery in top shape, think about using items like a battery heater or thermal management system. These items keep the battery’s temperature stable, which ensures good performance and a long life. Also always adhere to Tesla’s charging and storage rules to extend your battery’s life.

By getting these key accessories, you can shield your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 from daily damage guaranteeing it remains in good shape for many years. These items not make your driving better but also help keep your car’s worth. Look after your Tesla, and it will look after you on every trip!


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