Mark Gilbert Scottsdale AZ Talks About Leveraging Customer-Centricity to Improve Car Dealership Profit

The days when customers used to go from one dealership to the other till they found the right car for the right price are long gone. As Mark Gilbert Scottsdale AZ says, automotive brands nowadays have to go above and beyond if they want to effectively engage and attract modern customers. This means that auto dealerships need to focus on innovating their marketing techniques and customer service strategies, and prioritize customer-centricity.

Mark Gilbert Scottsdale AZ briefly sheds light on using strategies for customer-centricity to improve car dealership profit

Consumers of today not only want the best quality goods and services, but also a high degree of convenience when it comes to making purchases. Their expectations are only increasing with time. To cater to the expectations of modern customers, auto dealerships should merge and connect their online and offline processes. Doing so would allow customers to switch between channels throughout the entire customer journey. Being able to provide a simple, seamless and connected experience to the customers, regardless of where they are in the purchasing journey or the medium they use, is an important aspect of implementing strategies for customer-centricity.

In many ways, customer centricity is considered to be the core of the profit growth of an automobile dealership. As a result, dealerships need to approach their business with a ‘customer-first perspective’ and put emphasis on customer-centric sales experiences to increase profit. They must especially:

  • Target interaction and negotiation: When it comes to negotiating with the target audience, online is the way to go today. With time, an increasing number of car shoppers are choosing to use online tools to negotiate with dealers. Easy pricing CTAs can be very helpful for the customers to start the negotiation process on their own terms, right from the comfort of their homes. Dealerships should try to make the negotiation process simple, short and engaging. After all, the whole point of customer-centric sales is to make car-buying a manageable and hassle free process.
  • Provide convenience: Customers typically think of test drives to be a demo, and any good demo must focus on the product. Car dealerships must make test drives fully customer centric by ensuring high convenience in the process, like providing them with the option to schedule a test drive online. If possible, car dealerships may even offer a test drive delivery system at the desired place of the customers.
  • Give transparent pricing: Cars are really expensive. Hence, when buying them, customers would want to avoid any kind of confusion or inaccuracy in the pricing. It is therefore vital for car dealerships to provide transparent pricing breakdowns on their website, and provide customers with an idea of the price before they visit the dealership. This transparency would make the sales process more customer-centric and customer-convenient, and ultimately can help increase the average revenues of the car dealership.

Mark Gilbert Scottsdale AZ says, the essence of a customer-centric approach extends beyond mere transactions. It also involves gaining a good understanding of the pain points and needs of the customers and using that knowledge to deliver experiences that resonate deeply.

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