What’s So Special about 2023 Genesis G90?

Many people, who are not fully aware of this vehicle’s detail might ask about what’s so special about this car. In short, every aspect of this vehicle is special. Its design, power, performance, luxurious nature, reasonable pricing, and more make it a really special car.

It offers features that even luxurious cars are costlier than they can’t provide. If you want to know what’s special about the 2023 Genesis G90, then all you need is to go through this car in detail when visiting Willow Grove Genesis dealer. However, for now, simply take a brief look at its specs to understand its specialty.

Aesthetic design

This is a luxury vehicle; hence, the details should start with its design before moving to the powertrain. This generation G90 comes with an iconic design that is distinguishable from a faraway place. It comes it Genesis’ iconic twin-headlight design that not only makes it unique but adds a sophisticated quality to this vehicle.

The four-door layout with a massive mesh grille, uniquely created rims, and more make it quite fetching in the eyes of the buyers. Even from the back, it has a unique look that is different from most sedans in the market.

The interior is even more fetching than the exterior!

Posh materials and fresh design are what you get for the 2023 G90. The design is outstanding enough to compete with more known luxury vehicles like the BMW 7-Series or Audi A8.

There is ample passenger space where one can sit comfortably. However, the design and certain other features offer a remarkable luxurious experience that helps one to feel the sophistication ultimately by taking it up a notch.

One of the most talked about aspects of this vehicle is its fragrance diffuser onboard. It comes with a sanitation anti-microbial system that easily cleans the air that comes inside the vehicle. In addition, this system also helps in cleaning items that are brought inside this car like phones.

Other luxury features include premium stereo, massaging seats, power-operated sunshades, upholstery created using Nappa upholstery, active noise-cancellation, and more. Also, its rear seats come with a recliner system and an optional massing function.

The entire car looks and feels luxurious from every angle and aspect. However, to sit inside and experience it yourself, visit Genesis dealer serving Willow Grave.

Other things that make it special

Only two models are available for G90; one comes equipped with a V6 twin-turbocharged engine and another is a hybrid 48-volt system. This car takes about 5.1 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. hence, not just looks amazing but performs quite well too on road.

This supremely amazing vehicle starts from $90,100 and its E-supercharged version costs $99,795. Its rivals cost far more and hardly offer what the 2023 Genesis G90 has to offer.

Such reasonable pricing for such an amazingly luxurious vehicle is hard for most people to believe. All these things come together to make the 2023 Genesis G90 special to buyers. To feel what its owners experience, simply visit a Genesis showroom near you as soon as possible.

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