Can you raise a Bike Insurance Claim with a Temporary Registration Number?

When you buy a two-wheeler, the first thing expected of you is getting your bike insured. It is crucial to get an insurance policy for your bike because it is as good as a life insurance policy for you. If anything happens, for instance, an accident, then the bike insurance claim helps you handle all the finances related to the damage.

The type of policy you have determines what claims you can make. For example, own damage cover in bike insurance will cover the damages to the insured bike only, none other. Comprehensive and third-party policies have their scope of coverage, too. When you think about buying 2-wheeler insurance online, you must have some basic knowledge of the topic because there are many misconceptions about when you can and cannot raise a claim.

One of the misconceptions is, “You cannot raise a claim if the bike is brand new and you don’t have a permanent registration number!” Can you raise a claim in this scenario? 

The answer to this is YES! You can still raise the claim even if you only have a temporary registration number. Many instances exist when a new bike meets with an accident before getting a license or a permanent number plate. 

So, policyholders hesitate to raise a claim with the temporary plate number of the motorcycle.

What is a Temporary Registration Number?

When you buy a bike for yourself, the dealer gives you a temporary registration number. This is necessary when the vehicle is brand new and hasn’t yet received a permanent registration number. 

Till then, the temporary one will suffice for legal and technical purposes. But there is a catch to it: you will have to register your motorcycle with the official body within one month of the purchase because the temporary number is valid only for one month. Although this period can be extended, it is advised that you get your bike registered at the earliest.

How to Raise a Claim With Only a Temporary Registration Number?

As we know, it is possible to raise a claim even if you have a temporary registration number. Let us understand the formal process of raising the claim with your insurance provider. 

  • Contact your Insurance Company

When you get into an accident, or if there is a theft or a loss of parts, you are supposed to contact the insurance company even if you haven’t registered your motorcycle with the RTO. 

You need to let the company know about the condition of your bike. Be transparent about the condition and inform them about the lack of a permanent registration number. 

  • Collect the Required Documents

When you contact the company, get all the information needed to fill out the claim form and raise the claim. These documents are usually standard throughout the insurance companies, but it is always better to be specified by the insurance agent or the company website. 

The list of documents you’ll require include: 

  • Temporary registration number
  • Driver’s license 
  • Police FIR (in case of theft and accident) 
  • Official forms like 28/29/30 (in case of total loss) 
  • Repair invoice (if you have non-cashless insurance) 
  • No objection certificate 

The documents might differ from company to company, but these are more or less required.

  • Fill out the Claim Form

With all the aforementioned documents and information, you can easily fill out the form to raise a claim for your motorcycle. 

When you buy a bike policy online, you simply need to visit the insurance company’s website and search for a claim raise form. Duly fill out that form and submit it. 

  • Company’s Assessment

The company will assess the form filled out by you and verify all the information. A special person, a surveyor, is allotted to your case to assess and analyse the damages, losses, and requirements. 


This surveyor and the report they make determine whether your claim will be accepted or denied. The online two-wheeler policy has a clause for all types of damages, and if your information doesn’t match that, your claim will be rejected. 

  • Reimbursement or Settlement

If you have non-cashless insurance, you will receive reimbursement for the money you paid for the repairs. 

But in the case of cashless bike insurance, the insurance company settles the transaction with the networked garage you visited with your damaged bike. 


Insurance is helpful to you no matter what. The insurance companies have evolved so much for the well-being of people (and also for profitable deals) that there is a way out for every problem you have. The lack of a registration number for your motorcycle will not be an issue as well. 

This demonstrates the importance of insurance for your bike. Not only that, but it is essential to have insurance at all times because a bad situation is always around the corner. If you miss it, good for you. But if you don’t, you need something to rely on. Hence, bike insurance renewal of your online policy is also important. That is because insurance goes a long way!

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